The Lamb upon His Throne

Revelation 22

When Jesus comes to finish Time,

the restoration’s full.

The Earth becomes as in its prime,

and sin has no more pull.

The Tree of Life has twelve great fruit.

It bears anew each month.

The health of nations is its suit.

No more the curse at once.

This living Jesus testifies

to every church of man,

“I am the root. I’m David’s son.

“The morning star by Plan.”

“I bid you come to drink the brook,

which flows so lasting free

“Salvation’s free as once I took

your sin-stain full on me.”

by Jay O’Toole

on April 30th, 2019

In the Presence

Psalm 23:1-6

To live at peace in the Presence of The Lord

brings Joy to my longing heart.

I’ll meditate upon His Word

each gracious new day’s start.

The harmful souls, who seek my ill

must answer to His Voice.

I live each day for His blest will.

He knows each helpful choice.

To sit and sup before the hordes

of enemies opposed

shows Jesus Christ is truly Lord

of greatest music composed.

But focus on the ones, who frown

reduces joy for me.

Let pleasure in The Lord abound,

that grace in me they’d see.

Let talking be for their own good.

The noises are of naught.

Distractions will not change my mood

for Jesus my heart bought.

The days of usefulness are here.

My Lord, He knows the path.

When I do lie in Earth’s cold bier,

The Lord and I will laugh.

My days of earthly service done

give way to Heaven’s work.

Eternal work is joyful fun

I’d never think to shirk.

by Jay O’Toole

on April 29th, 2019

Jesus is Lifted Up

Acts 1:1-11

That Jesus left upon the cloud

we’re wonderfully convinced,

And when the trumpet blows aloud,

returns the way He went.

“The promise will be yours quite soon.

I’ve told you oft before.

“Redemption changed your heart-blessed tune

by opening The Door.”

“Your power comes through The Spirit Pure.

Your job: to speak of me.

“Your time on Earth is short, be sure

to share my Gift, that souls be free.”

And when the tongue that spoke the worlds

fell silent on the mount,

He rose on the clouds like a flag unfurled.

Each day ’til His Return we’d count.

Two thousand years of counting days,

and more we still await.

For the sun still shines its daily blaze.

We know not when the date.

With Jesus lifted high above

the world of leaders here,

His heart’s the one we all should love.

The choice is crystal clear.

He’s coming back some wondrous day,

and then there’ll be no night.

Forever there to praise and play

with all He sets aright.

by Jay O’Toole

on April 28th, 2019

Jesus Loves Me, Jesus Likes Me

John 3:16

Jesus loves me. This I know

for He died to save my soul.

He got up ‘fore the cock did crow.

Redeemed me and He made me whole.

He shows His love by things He does,

but love exists before He moves.

Endured the cross of Christ because

my existence He approves.

As dear Mark Lowry plainly said,

“Jesus loves me because God is love.

“But Jesus likes me. Did you know that?”

Great friendship from this Lord Above.

Jesus loves me. Bless my heart.

Jesus likes me, every part.

Love can bless beyond the core,

but Like is near forevermore.

by Jay O’Toole

on April 27th, 2019

Sharing a Cup of Coffee with Jesus

Philippians 2:13

It’s such a big old world, Dear Lord!

The universe staggers me, too.

But I like coffee and the Word

and fellowship before we’re through.

I take my friend to coffee shops.

We sip and sometimes talk.

The artistry of foam on top

takes breath and then takes stock.

What joy it is to love my Joe!

You love the moments, too, I think.

You share these loves? I’d like to know,

that we might keep our hearts in sync.

He makes the greater things and small.

He molds my heart to hear His call.

The things I love, He loves them, too,

because He loved them first. It’s true.

The Lord is working in my heart

to want to do His will.

He works my works right from the start

to give my heart His thrill.

The molding process is complete.

Like Him I’m made and he in me.

His will for me is lastly sweet.

His hope lives through my eyes to see.

So, coffee is a daily joy.

I sit and sip with Jesus near.

The fellowship we there enjoy

shows friendship, that is fully dear.

by Jay O’Toole

on April 26th, 2019

Forty Days After

Luke 2:1-20; John 20:1-31

The days of Jesus mark the year.

We joy and honor both!

He came at Christmas with no fear.

He rose as Easter’s hope.

For forty days we sing anon

this Child of royal birth.

So long before December’s gone,

we praise His lasting worth.

The days that follow Christmas joy

seem often out of mind

for as each quickly broken toy

when o’er it’s so unkind.

The days of Lent do keep in thought

His dearest sacrifice.

To give up something we are taught

His lasting, loving price.

But after raising from the dead

our Jesus walked the land

as living, loving daily Bread

among our lives to stand.

One wonders why these mighty days

cause memories Oh so weak.

Do gifts and candies from displays

our interest quickly pique?

His birth in a cave so swift aligns

with new life from cavern’s tomb.

For both were rather stark confines,

which came from the World’s “No room!”

by Jay O’Toole

on April 25th, 2019

Do You Have Anything to Eat?

Luke 24:41-43; Revelation 19:6-9

He died upon a cruel cross.

He laid in state through Sabbath rest.

He raised to new life with nothing lost.

He greeted the women. Their hearts were blest.

But He showed the men His body’s scars.

Then Jesus told them, “Touch me now,

“I’ve wounds on flesh, the cross has marred.

“I’m raised, again, as oft I vowed.”

“You’re really scared, that I’m a ghost.

“You needn’t be. I’d like to eat.

“Do you have some fish to broil or roast?

“We’ve supped so often lives to greet.”

He took the fish and honeycomb.

He ate it before them because He could.

This makes me wonder. When we’re Home,

will we yet eat because it’s good.

Is food a tool to keep alive

the human body on the Earth?

Or is it joy where friendships thrive

forever after great new birth?

The Marriage Supper of The Lamb

is slated for a future date.

Will there be things to eat, like jam?

Or is form just on the plate?

That Jesus fills the Earth so full

of reddest rose and sautéed beef.

It seems ‘twould be the greatest cruel

to spark each sense without relief.

by Jay O’Toole

on April 24th, 2019